Replica and Miniatures

Both a Replica and a Miniature can be created from any possible image.

Most common cases are:

  • Unique and valuable pieces that are stored and can’t be exposed;
  • Valuable pieces in need of some type of restoration or reconstruction;
  • Paintings, pictures or other kind of 2D image that the client wants represented in 3D.

The process starts with the 3D Scanning of one piece, either in its original location or in our facilities, according to the client necessity. In the end we have the computational model of the piece.

The second stage is the 3D Modelling of the model. From small corrections of the scan to the reconstruction of any damaged regions. In the end we have the model ready to be 3D printed.

The last stage is the 3D printing where we define the dimension of the final pieces according to the client goal. From the order of magnitude of the millimeter to the meter. The client can choose whether if he wants an exact scale replica or a smaller size for large quantity production.


Modeling: Industrial, Architecture, Design and Prototyping

The Modeling service includes all representations of projects that the client may need at a specific scale of magnitude:

  • Industry – Industrial machines or vehicles;
  • Architecture – housing, condos, urbanism;
  • Communication – logos, products or props;
  • Product development – all kinds of prototyping.

The client can provide the models of the parts that he wants represented or, alternatively, these can be created by 3D LIFE with 3D Modeling.

By using 3D Modeling software, 3D LIFE can achieve a higher level of detail than most manual processes do.

At the same time, 3D Printing also gives a much more reliable representation of the developed parts.

This process allows a perfect combination between high quality and competitive prices and lead times.


Small Me and Statuary

The Statuary service includes all representations of people images either if it is a realistic representation or an animation, obtained by 3D Scanning or 3D Modelling.

The Small Me is obtained by 3D Scanning one or more people and then 3D Printing of the scan.

Alternatively, if by any reason the person of the future statuette can’t be 3D scanned, 3D LIFE can create created the model by 3D Modelling according to pictures of that person.

Depending on the context of the statuette, the person can be modeled in a realistic style from pictures, or in an animated style from drawings.


3D Scanning, Modelling and Printing

3D LIFE also has isolated services of 3D Scanning, Modelling and Printing.

If the client only needs the 3D model of a specific part, he can ask for the 3D Scanning Service. Examples:

  • Digital archive of works of art;
  • Representation of a specific part in 3D in a video, catalogue or application;
  • Reverse engineering.

If the client needs a 3D Model of a specific part that is not available or does not exist physically, he can ask for the 3D Modelling Service. Examples:

  • Redesign of an existing part;
  • Creation of a 3D Model from a technical drawing;
  • Creation of a 3D Model for a video, catalogue or application.